About Nancy Dorsett

Nancy Dorsett MA LPC Nancy provides counseling of individuals, couples and families going through transitions with strengths-based, solution focused therapy as well as deeper therapies integrating mind, body and spirit. This passion for counseling, consulting and training families and individuals has been a constant theme throughout her professional life. We all have times we pass through the storms and transitions of life, those from within and without, and experienced help can be of great value moving toward health, wholeness and a more authentic self. She provides a safe, confidential and collaborative environment for her clients. Nancy is a Graduate of St. Edwards University and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She is trained as a Montessori Education Directress and has a Texas State Teachers license. She also has a Mediation Certificate and a Texas Realtor License. Her greatest credentials are her beautiful family consisting of four adult children, three in laws and six beautiful healthy grandchildren. Nancy has worked as a trainer and counselor in private practice, inpatient and outpatient programs for addictions, codependency and relationship counseling. During this time, Nancy did contract work for several psychiatric hospitals in the Austin area working with addictions, co-dependency, relationships and dual diagnosis. She also worked in the criminal justice system working as a counselor and a trainer of other counselors on the criminal mind. She worked with the first reentry group. Nancy also worked as a counselor using biofeedback and acupuncture techniques for Travis County Sheriff’s Department in the Smart program. While working as Marketing Director for an Outpatient program she was also selected to do all of their Employee Assistance Work. Years before she recognized the need for a professional assistance program for Realtors and works toward that goal at this time. Nancy has a long history of training, counseling and consulting families and other health care professionals as well as business executives, management and employees.She worked as a Realtor in the Central Texas area. She was a multi-million dollar producer and a relocation specialist working with families and individuals relocating. Nancy also has a history of working with Transpersonal Psychology using powerful breath work techniques with evocative music followed by art work to express the experience. She studied at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She developed and owned the Montessori School of Westlake Hills on ten beautiful wooded acres behind Eanes Elementary School. There she trained and worked with families and the community on the Montessori Method of Education. Nancy worked with Zig Ziglar as a lead trainer of Holiday Magic Cosmetics serving as the foundation for success in her profession and helping others to find success.Nancy is dedicated to helping people achieve healthy, fulfilling relationships with self and others using various techniques and therapies.

Summary of the book on Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes by William Bridges

Whether switching jobs or moving house, leaving school or retiring, change brings both opportunities and turmoil. Most of us struggle through such periods. This classic book shows how making a successful transition lets you recognize and seize new opportunities. Transitions has helped hundreds of thousands of readers to cope with changes by providing a road map of the transition process. With the understanding born of experience, William Bridges takes us step by step through the three stages of transition:Endings. Recognize endings as opportunities as well as losses, and even celebrate them with rituals designed to open new doors. The Neutral Zone. In this seemingly unproductive “time-out,” we feel disconnected from the past and emotionally unconnected to the present. The most frightening stage of transition, the Neutral Zone is really an important time for reorientation. The New Beginning. A successful transition requires more than persevering: it means launching new priorities. Understand the external and internal signs that point the way to your future.